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1. This is a Dynasty league with an entry fee ($15 USD). Money shall be sent to the League Commissioner where it will be held until the end of the season when payouts shall be made.

2. This league will consist of 12 dedicated managers and will operate in a Dynasty format. An initial draft shall take place in September and in following years the rookie draft shall occur.

3. Trading will be allowed from the beginning of the off season all the way until the trade deadline. Multiple team trades will be allowed. Trading during the draft will be allowed, however each team must receive the same number of draft picks. These trades will be reviewed by the league commissioner before approval to ensure fairness.
Redraft (For teams choosing to retain 6 players, these players will not be available for trading until after the draft has been completed)

4. Minor league rosters will consist of players drafted in rookie drafts that haven't yet played in the NHL. All minor league players must be selected in the NHL Entry Draft(i.e. no 16 year old phenoms that are still trying to get through high school). These players will have a 3 year retention time before they are required to be called up to the major league roster. Therefore, a player drafted in this year's minor league draft (Taylor Hall) would be given a three year retention time and by season 4 would have to be called up if not already done so. (The Minor League Entry draft in subsequent years may be extended to two rounds if their is significant turnover of players)

Substitute players may be sent down and protected for the three year time frame other than those currently protected. If a manager decides to call up an AHL player and would like to send down another in his place, the player being sent down must be officially on the manager's roster, be in the NHL minors and have not played more than 25 NHL games. Therefore, no manager may cherry pick some minor leaguer that has not played atleast one NHL game to fill the void. Once the player has been sent down, the player that has been called up will be removed from the AHL protected player list and the man sent down will be added. (Added 10/02/2010)

5. Trade Vetoes will be handled by the commissoner. The following criteria will be used to judge a trade:
- Is it legal? Are they trading players they own? Correct amount of picks?
- Suspicion of collusion? If collusion has occurred, the trade will be vetoed.
- Damages parity of league by significant margin. Every trade will have winners and losers, but if it gets to a point where the trade makes no sense and the GM can not defend it in anyway it shall be vetoed.
- In the rare occasion where a GM quits during a pending trade, the trade shall be vetoed.
- If it is determined a GM is gutting his team and quitting, the trade shall be vetoed.

6. Managers shall be responsible for their own team roster page. An example has been provided by the commissioner for a simple yet effective lineup that will be easy to review for other league purposes. Additional features may be added, but if the roster page becomes to clutters or offensive, the commissioner retains the right to remove said content. Managers will be responsible for updating your own roster during the off-season (especially during draft). During the season managers are not required to update the major league players on their roster, but any future draft picks or minor league players you acquire via in-season trade should be updated at the time of the deal's approval to avoid confusion.

7. Dropping players - Once a player is dropped, that player is off your team. There are plenty of reminders in Yahoo that will insure you drop the player you wish.

8. The draft order for the Inaugural NHL Draft will be determined randomly by an online site. The results will be e-mailed to each GM. The draft order for the Inaugural AHL Draft will be the reverse of the NHL Draft order. Both of these inaugural drafts will be snake drafts.

After Season 1, we will have an AHL Entry Draft. This will be just like the real NHL and will consist of players that have yet to play in an NHL game. This draft order will be determined by the previous season's standings. (Revised 10/3/2011)

Players with 1 game or greater in the NHL will be allowed to be drafted in the NHL draft. To be drafted in the Inaugural AHL draft, a player will need to have 9 or fewer NHL games played to be considered draft eligible. While the Inaugural AHL draft is occurring, players must have 10 or more NHL games to be drafted in the NHL draft. Once the Initial AHL draft has completed, all future AHL Entry drafts will require players to have 0 NHL games. (added 9/14/2010)

9. Waivers shall be the reverse order of the inaugural draft. Waivers shall be maintained throughout the year dependent on waiver claims. Each subsequent year the waivers shall be the reverse order of the prior year's standings.

10. Off-Season Movements: During the off-season you may NOT add any players unless notified elsewhere. You are welcome to trade as much as you want.

11. Pre-Season Rosters: There will be a deadline set-up for when rosters have to be set. At that time, all managers must set all the requirements given. It will include max players on NHL Rosters, max players on NHL Minor rosters, etc.

12. Long term injured reserve players. If a player ends the season on the IR and will resume the following season on the IR, he may be held in that position and not count against a manager's roster limit. Teams may not add IR players during the off season (same as not adding active NHL players)

13. No "statement" trades. If one occurs for reasons like a manager wants to show the league how bad an offer was, upset at a prior veto, and etc it will be vetoed and said manager will be punished.

14. Leagues changes shall only occur during the off season and will need a majority vote. Unanimous league approval may allow for an in season change.

15. Activity: Managers must be active atleast twice a week during the season unless posted on the away board. If a manager's league activity falls below standards they shall be warned and if the problem is not corrected, expulsion may occur.

16. $Money$: The league cost is $15 Dollars USD. Payment may be made via PayPal or check/cash via snail mail. Money needs to be received prior to each year's NHL Entry draft to ensure full league participation, prior to this point another may be found for necessary replacement. If managers decide to use Paypal, it will be their responsibility to cover the service fee. A manager's $15 shall go into a pool to pay out for the top three as well as categorical winners at the end of each year.

17. Rules are subject to be added at any time. New rules shall be followed with a notification to the entire league.


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